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I Make Things - My blog. - My husband's site. He's a musician, music producer and recording engineer - among other things. - She's an artist, professional gardener, a pilot and a heck of a gal.
Beautyhabit - An aptly named site. Everything here smells really good and they include samples and hand-written notes in your order.
Yourself!Fitness - An XBox/Playstation/PC (but not Mac - BOOOO!) personal trainer. It beats the heck out of workout videos. It's never the same workout twice. It tests and keeps track of your progress and how often you show up. It does yoga, Pilates, strength-training, step and balance ball and works cardio, upper body, lower body, core, balance and flexibility. Plus it's only $35 ($30 for the PC version) and cheaper if you find it used.
Self Challenge - If you want to get healthy or lose a few lbs. this program really works. Bonus - you feel great too.
Castle Arcana - Explore an enormous mansion and its grounds. - Lots to do and see on this site.
fredflare - Fun things cheap!
Daily Candy - Daily updates on fun things going on in major U.S. cities, London and Online: tips, gift ideas, places to go.
The Madonna Inn - If you're ever in the neigborhood at least get a strawberry waffle. - Fantastic photographer and a heck of a guy. You'll want to hire him just to have him around. He's practially a superhero. - My friends' site. Jen's blog is a hoot and Dave's cool science page really is cool.
Lush - Too much fun if you have a bathtub, good stuff for the shower too, and other fun, natural, organic, and cruelty-free products.
Dark Candles - Dark colored candles with unique scents. Check out their Vampire and Graveyard themes.

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