My life has become a cross between
"Green Acres*" and "Hodgepodge Lodge."
Wanna see?

*( with me as both Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor)

The view from the electrical easement

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker holes

Pileated woodpecker holes

Jack in the Pulpit

Pete with an enormous oak tree we found

Me with the oak tree too

Me in my bug shirt. How geeky can you get?

Raccoon print

A snake on our front path

Deer tracks in the mud

Asparagus growing
an American native grass
Blue-eyed grass

A snake in the lawn. Fay stepped on this one and it didn't do anything about it.

Such elegant poison ivy! It makes a lovely ground-cover.

Two frogs in our pond

A frog on a rock

A carnivorous plant, the Sundew

The woodpile.
You can see we'd already stacked most of it.

"Lisa" stacks a tidy pile before going in to make flapjacks

The bonfire we didn't know we were going to have. It burned late into the night despite the pouring rain.

Pete, for scale.

Check out our baking potatoes! Same bonfire.

Walk to the house

A snow Volkswagon blocks the door.

Pete on the roof.
Look for the orange dot.

Digging out Doggy Fun Land

The scenic barn

Enjoying Doggy Fun Land

Winter wonderland

The deck needs shoveling.


Fortunately I like snakes, bats, spiders, frogs, toads and bugs and I love to shovel snow and stack wood. But where does my fabulous shoe collection fit in to this picture?

The photos below are not clickable:

Blackberry flowers


The mower after I, "Oliver," stalled it.

Frog, duh

Poison ivy really does do beautifully here


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