Here are some places I've been that I'd love to return to and that I reccomend highly:

The Peppermill, Las Vegas, NV - It's got a theme but it sure isn't Disneyfied. Across from Circus Circus.

The Grand Canyon - My jaw always drops

The Galapagos Islands - You'll never experience anything like it. Go on a dive trip if you're certified.

Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia - Relaxing, old-fashioned, nature nature nature.

The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA - Must be seen to be believed:

Hawaii - I've only been to Maui but I want to go back. If you go to Maui, check out Haleakala Volcano.

Hotel La Valencia, La Jolla, CA - Incredible service, beautiful, comfortable rooms, dog friendly.

Chez Andre, 12, Rue Marbeuf, Paris, France - - A real Bistro. As anywhere in France, speak French (even bad French) and they'll eat you up.

More to Come

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