Recent Finds:

Yo Self - A six-pack of mini yogurt cups, like they make for children, only they're for women. Why are they for women? Why are they packaged just like the kiddie yogurt? I don't know. They're made by Stonyfield Farms and they are amazing. I would rather eat a pint of the creme caramel flavor than a pint of ice cream. That said, I have never eaten a pint of ice cream in my entire life and would prefer to keep it that way. This stuff I could eat a pint of. It would take a while though because it comes in 4oz. cups. It's also not quite the bargain that my usual store-brand giant tub of yogurt is. That's okay, they're so good.

Blavod - Black vodka! Makes a cool-looking cocktail. Floats naturally over cranberry juice. It's actaully good vodka too. And somehow it doesn't stain your mouth.

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