Creme de la Mer - When you use it the smell convinces you that you're an old money heiress. Despite the perfume it never stings even on the most beat-up, cold-afflicted nose. It is a miracle worker. It's also very expensive so ask for it for Christmas or your birthday.

Skinmarket - Unfortunately went out of business. And boy was I pissed! Their demise contributed to my decision to dye my hair pink.. Which leads me to my next listing:

Manic Panic - The place to go to get all those crazy punk-rock, rave colors you see on the teenagers. For a punk-rock company they sure put a lot of emphasis on doing test strands. Prudence is so un-punk-rock

Urban Decay - Fun makeup for your bad side. Or just your mischievous side.

Nars - The Multiple. Makeup in a stick for eyes, cheeks and lips. You can highlight your features, fake a tan, illuminate your face. Compact and effective, lots of good colors. Actually, everything in this line is excellent quality and fun fun fun. Love that guy.

Bobbi Brown - Her foundations look like skin.

Philosophy - If the Navy could use your feet to scrape barnacles off of their aircraft carriers, try Soul Owner foot cream with salicylic and glycolic acids. After a couple of nights the pumice stone packs much more wallop. A few nights more and you don't have a problem anymore.

Kneip Herbal Bath in Eucalyptus - I had a miserable cold and I couldn't smell anything or breathe through my nose. A nice, hot, comforting eucalyptus bath cleared me right up. I could smell it and it smelled good. I'm buying a big bottle.

Stila - Quality, fun, easy to use makeup. Flaunt is a shimmery perfume that comes in both Powder and after bath oil form and in at least five scents. I like the gardenia. I also like the looks of the Lip Glaze Palette they have on

BeneFit - These gals are serious about makeup and beauty and serious about how fun it is. Bad Gal eyeliner is the only black eyeliner you'll ever need. Bathina bath products make you feel like a 1940s Hollywood starlet.

Ultress haircolor - I've tried a lot of them and Ultress has the best color that stays the truest longest and it doesn't leave your head feeling like a haystack in a drought.

Couleur Experte - Haircolor plus highlights you mix seperately and put wherever you like. Loads of fun but maybe not for beginners.

The Venus Razor - The best razor for legs but for underarms nothing beats the Mach 3 .

John Frieda "FrizzEase" products - The whole line is a godsend for those of us with curly hair.

Bourjois "Coup de Theatre" mascara - For a dramatic look almost like false eyelashes but without the hassles. When you put it on you can see the thickening, lengthening undercoat extend from the tips of your lashes. The color coat just makes everything look even longer and thicker. It comes in black, brown and other colors. There are other brands out there that are probably cheaper but I haven't tried them yet. I'm sure they work just as well.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lash Tint - Not so dramatic but perfect for a weekend at the beach or for any time you want to look good for a few days without thinking about it. This product darkens your lashes (I thought I noticed some lengthening too) and stays on for three days without smudging or making any sort of mess. Then it just goes away.

Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent - Made mostly of plant oils like citronella, rosemary, lemongrass and cedar it smells good and seems less toxic to the wearer. It also repels bugs! It's no deet but if you don't want deet that's what you're looking for. The label says it's safe to apply to pets and then it says in smaller print, "Not tested on animals." Fay doesn't love it but it does keep the bugs off for a while.

You can find most (if not all) of these unlinked products at or at department or drug stores around the country.

Those body scrubs - sugar scrubs or salt scrubs - are really great but they make your tub or shower dangerously slick afterward. If you don't want to scrub the tub right away (and why would you?) use a shower spray like Dow Shower Shine. It's safe to shower again.

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