Miss Bossy's Tips for a Simple, Enjoyable Life:

  1. Don't hang out with jerks

  2. It always pays to be civil and polite.

  3. Try to be nice to others. It's not very difficult and your life will be a lot more pleasant.

  4. Try not to lie, cheat or steal. Think of all the covering up you'll avoid.

  5. Don't fight your hair. You'll have more time for sleep or fun.

  6. Married people are married for a reason, whatever they claim their problems to be. If you choose to date them keep that in mind.

  7. Eat well

  8. Do not attempt to have a serious conversation with someone who is drunk. Their emotions and memories are unreliable. OF course if you are also drunk then go ahead, have a free for all.

  9. Do the things you love.

  10. Don't cook naked (or grill barefoot) unless you have a crush on someone at the emergency room.

  11. Have some damn fun. Yes, you can do it while observing the other tips.

Keep in mind that these are tips for a simple, enjoyable life and not Laws Of Nature (Except number 8) There are always exceptions. In addition, Miss Bossy does not always follow her own advice. Usually this provides confirmation of her beliefs however.

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