10 Guys every gal should have the opportunity to date:

  1. College Boy/Boy Next Door
  2. Artist
  3. Poor guy
  4. Rich, non-stingy guy
  5. Cute, not too bright guy
  6. Musician/rock guy
  7. Smart guy
  8. Hilarious guy
  9. Foreign guy
  10. Romantic guy

Of course sometimes you get more than one quality at a time. And of course if the right one comes along, don't put him off because you haven't finished the list yet!

Don't touch with a ten-foot pole:

  1. Abusive guy
  2. Dishonest guy
  3. Already taken guy
  4. Addicted guy - alcohol, drugs, gambling, whatever. It's just easier not to start. And you can't fix him because it's not about you.
  5. Guy who refuses to use a condom